The Swing Check is a game-changing baseball swing training aid. After years of development, we are proud to say it is one of the best baseball swing training aids on the market.

After many hitting debates with my former coach, I was determined to develop a swing training aid that was simple, cost effective, and different.  I wanted to get back to the basics, back to when a 5’9” guy could swing a 34oz bat…and swing it with authority. What began two years ago as an idea to emphasize the proper baseball swing has developed into a patent pending product that will instantly check your swing.

Luis Ortiz, The San Diego Padres Field & Hitting Coordinator

"According to some of the latest research, it takes around 21 days to develop a routine and about 66 days for an action to become a habit. In my coaching experience, the number one ingredient for continuous development is the quality of the feedback the player receives (either by a coach or the right drill). Knowing when one is performing a movement properly or not is paramount to the development of one’s potential as a hitter. Very few hitters enjoy the luxury of having great coaches supervising and helping them correct any deficiencies and/or accentuating the right mechanics on a consistent basis. The Swing Check is a great tool that will instantly give a hitter the feedback he needs to develop and master the correct swing path and especially the full and proper extension through the baseball. Becoming a great hitter requires a ton of repetitions, and many of those reps will happen by practicing on one’s own. The Swing Check would be a great companion that will offer any hitter the feedback needed to make the necessary adjustments to become a more successful and consistent hitter."